Urine Test

Georgia Urine Test

To help the State of Georgia prosecute drivers suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, law enforcement will request that you take a chemical test. Usually a breath test is given by police if it is suspected that a person has been drinking alcohol. However, if drugs were found in the vehicle or on a person who was driving, a blood or urine test may be given, because a breath test only detects alcohol. If you were given a urine test and were arrested for DUI, you must contact defense attorney Holly Veal to fight your results! Of the three chemical tests, urine tests are the most unreliable!

Police are not allowed to administer urine or blood tests. These medical tests must be conducted at a hospital or medical center by qualified professionals. Urine samples can be easily tainted, which can cause inaccurate readings of alcohol and/or drugs found in your system. There are serious guidelines that medical personnel must follow when giving you a urine test. Since these tests involve transportation, human errors can occur and your sample may be inadmissible in court if this is determined.

Other inaccuracies of the urine test

Blood is considered the most reliable chemical test because it actually measures the amount of drugs and/or alcohol that is in your bloodstream. With urine you are essentially getting a history of what was in the bloodstream. Even the Society of Forensic Toxicologists recognizes that urine samples cannot be relied upon as evidence of impairment.

Urine testing is also unreliable because drug screens often confuse chemical compounds. For example, cough syrup and codeine have a similar chemical make-up, but they are obviously very different!

Don’t let your urine test wreak havoc on your rights. Contact DUI defense attorney Holly Veal and he’ll start reviewing your case right away.