Georgia Jurisdiction Law: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

Posted On September 23, 2014

Georgia Jurisdiction Law: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

    Spouse moves out of state before you file for divorce So you and your spouse got married in Georgia, lived in Georgia, maybe even had or adopted kids in Georgia.  For one reason or another you both have decided to discontinue the relationship.  What happens if your spouse moves out of Georgia before you begin the Divorce?  Can you still file for Divorce in Georgia even though your spouse has relocated to...

May 28, 2013

Posted On May 15, 2013

NO CHILD SUPPORT, JUST GIVE ME CUSTODY! Any domestic matter involving minor children can be extremely bitter and contentious.  When attempting to resolve these matters, parents are motivated to reach pre-trial settlements to protect their minor children from the potential harshness of a trial and avoid the public stage.  To reach these settlements both parties usually acquiesce and reach out of court private agreements.  When drafting these private agreements, the question arises - are there any requirements to the terms of...

May 27, 2013

Posted On May 15, 2013

HOW TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD SUPPORT It’s a common complaint heard from single parents all over the State of Georgia. My child's father is not paying child support! My ex wife is behind on her child support payments!  In this edition of “Legal Ease” we will discuss how to collect child support payments.   Child support cases can take several forms. The case can arise from (1) a divorcing couple with children; (2) a non marital relationship with children or (3) a brief...

May 20, 2013

Posted On May 15, 2013

WHO GETS THE HOUSE IN THE DIVORCE? Most people on their wedding day aren’t contemplating the moment they will have to hire a divorce lawyer. When a wife finds a kitchen, in a new home, that she loves where all the women in her family can fit at once and a husband finds a basement perfect for bashment parties they are not thinking of the day a judge will decide who gets the house in the divorce. However, given the astronomical...

May 17, 2013

Posted On May 15, 2013

YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BAD LAWYER IF...  Sentencing is not the time to realize you have a bad lawyer. Two nights ago I was reading a blog that I frequent. One of the side notes referenced Ohio basketball player, Tony Farmer, who fainted during sentencing. I clicked on the link and off I went thinking I would have a laugh. Much to my dismay there was nothing funny about the video. The video showed an 18 year old child fainting...

May 13, 2013

Posted On May 15, 2013

YOUR TEENAGE AND THEIR LICENSE Fifteen is a magical number in the life of a teenager. They can finally drive instead of being chauffeured by mom or dad. In this edition of Legal Ease we will examine the limitations on the teenage driver and the steps that much be taken to ensure a positive driving experience for your young driver. Teenage drivers are governed by the Georgia Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act. “TADRA is a graduated driver’s license program for young...

January 12, 2013

Posted On January 22, 2013


     I hear it time and time again; the police did not tell me my rights! The police did not advise me of my Miranda rights! In this edition of Legal Ease I will explain when you are entitled to the Miranda warnings and why you should never face a police interrogation alone.

Miranda v. Arizona was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court. The case was decided...

January, 17 2013

Posted On January 17, 2013


     Over my years as an attorney, I often sit in court and watch people come in with speeding tickets, unrepresented by an attorney and leave with their license suspended. Most people don’t think they need an attorney to handle a speeding charge but if you do not know the law you could have some unintended consequences. Judges and prosecutors are not required to advise you of the consequences of your...

January 15, 2013

Posted On January 13, 2012


     Most of us enjoy happy hour with friends and co-workers after work. The reality of living in Atlanta is that you will have to drive 15-45 minutes home at the end of the night. This means that many of us will have an encounter with a police officer either at a roadblock or because we committed a minor traffic violation. After Midnight, the officers that...