Michelle Vick

mvick photoMichelle Vick, investigator with Veal & Lamar, LLC is an experienced retired police officer who is passionate about the pursuit of justice and brings that dedication and passion to work every day to fight for the clients of Veal & Lamar, LLC. Michelle is an experienced investigator with more than 15 years in law enforcement. Michelle Vick has worked at various levels of the criminal justice system across several agencies; she started her career in 1999 working as an executive assistant to the chief of the Doraville Police Department. Michelle Vick graduated from the Clayton Regional Law Enforcement Academy in 2001 and began working as a patrol officer where she used her training and skills to investigate various types of cases honing her abilities as a great investigator. Michelle left the road and spent 10 years as a post certified investigator with arrest powers, victims advocate and accusation specialist with the Henry County Solicitor’s office where she learned to build a case for prosecution and trial. Michelle Vick followed her cases from first court date through trial learning how the system works from arrest through trial. Michelle has prepared hundreds of cases for trial and has spent her career working with Prosecutors. Michelle Vick is effective, thorough and hardworking. She will put her 15 years of experience, skills and knowledge to work to help you win your case. Michelle Vick met Holly Veal while working at the Henry County Solicitor’s office. Michelle worked with Holly Veal for years helping to investigate and prepare several cases for trial. They have put together a winning team and together they can work to help you win your case. Call Veal & Lamar now at 678-369-1804 to put the best team in the business to work for you because results matter and you want to win your case.