Ignition Interlock Device

Georgia Ignition Interlock Device

Sometimes when drivers are convicted of DUI, the judge will order an ignition interlock device to be placed on a person’s vehicle. It is required on a second offense within five years. The driver is responsible for paying for the installation, maintenance and monthly fees associated with the installation of this device. Generally, monthly fees cost about $60.

How it works

Once an ignition interlock device is installed in a vehicle, the vehicle cannot be started until the driver blows into the small, hand-held alcohol sensor. This unit is attached to the vehicle’s dashboard. If the device registers an amount of alcohol on your breath as .02% or more, your vehicle will not start.

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration have set certain standards that are required of these alcohol detection devices. Under the NHSTA criteria the ignition interlock device must also require the driver to blow into the machine periodically in order to keep the vehicle running. This requirement was enacted to make sure that another person cannot blow into the device for the driver and then simply walk away.

The ignition interlock device can be costly to keep up with. The driver is also responsible for taking the machine to the proper facility for regular maintenance. If there are problems with the machine, the driver is responsible for paying for the repairs. It is also impractical and somewhat distracting to blow into the machine every few minutes.

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