Blood Test

Georgia Blood Test

There are three types of chemical tests that Georgia uses to determine a person’s blood alcohol content: breath, urine and blood. Of all three, a blood test is considered the most scientifically accurate when determining a person’s blood alcohol content. However, this does not mean that blood tests are without fault. In fact, there are many things that can go wrong and may have gone wrong if you were given a blood test. After reviewing these potential blood test problems, immediately contact DUI defense attorney Holly Veal. If you were given a blood test, she’ll make sure your rights are protected.

After you are given a forensic blood test, your sample will be vacuum sealed and stored in a vacutainer to ensure that the sample will not be tampered with or will not be tainted. Each vacuum seal has an expiration date; however, it has been found that most state crime lab personnel pay no attention to this.

In addition to expiration date issues Georgia blood vacutainers may have bad seals. Unfortunately, once the vacutainer containing your blood sample has been opened, it can be impossible to tell if it had a bad seal. But this is a potential problem in the case against you.

When your blood is drawn, the vacutainer will contain sodium fluoride (a preservative) and potassium oxalate (an anticoagulant). If you do not have enough sodium fluoride in your vacutainer and it is not properly refrigerated, it can affect your test results. The same is true if you have too much sodium fluoride. A lack of sodium fluoride and a bad seal is a dangerous combination because organisms can get into your sample. One popular yeast-like organism is resistant to sodium fluoride, and, if there is glucose and warmth, it can actually create ethanol through fermentation.

If there was not enough potassium oxalate in your vacutainer, the blood can coagulate, which means it changes the ratio of liquid to solid. Since ethanol is water soluble, it can cause a higher reading.

So even if you think the prosecution has you by the tail because of your blood test, think again! Attorney Holly Veal will make certain that your blood test sample is accurate.