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  • Sad Older Man In Empty Room with Boxes - Concept for Foreclosure

    Georgia Jurisdiction Law: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

    Georgia Jurisdiction Law: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Spouse moves out of state before you file for divorce So you and your spouse got married in Georgia, lived in Georgia, maybe even had or adopted kids in Georgia.  For one reason or another you both have decided to discontinue the relationship.  What happens if your spouse moves out of Georgia before you...Read More [+]

  • Father And Son. Holidays "Father's Day".

    May 28, 2013

    NO CHILD SUPPORT, JUST GIVE ME CUSTODY! Any domestic matter involving minor children can be extremely bitter and contentious.  When attempting to resolve these matters, parents are motivated to reach pre-trial settlements to protect their minor children from the potential harshness of a trial and avoid the public stage.  To reach these settlements both parties usually acquiesce and reach out of...Read More [+]

  • Gavel And Money

    May 27, 2013

    HOW TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD SUPPORT It’s a common complaint heard from single parents all over the State of Georgia. My child's father is not paying child support! My ex wife is behind on her child support payments!  In this edition of “Legal Ease” we will discuss how to collect child support payments. Child support cases can take several forms. The case...Read More [+]

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Upon first getting arrested I was flooded with so much information through the mail and phone regarding who I should hire to defend me.
Katia, criminal defense client
Approximately 18 months ago I needed a lawyer to represent my son, during that period I suffered great lost and disappointment with three
Monica, car accident client

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