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    YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BAD LAWYER IF...  Sentencing is not the time to realize you have a bad lawyer. Two nights ago I was reading a blog that I frequent. One of the side notes referenced Ohio basketball player, Tony Farmer, who fainted during sentencing. I clicked on the link and off I went thinking I would have a laugh....Read More [+]

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    YOUR TEENAGE AND THEIR LICENSE Fifteen is a magical number in the life of a teenager. They can finally drive instead of being chauffeured by mom or dad. In this edition of Legal Ease we will examine the limitations on the teenage driver and the steps that much be taken to ensure a positive driving experience for your young driver. Teenage drivers...Read More [+]

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         I hear it time and time again; the police did not tell me my rights! The police did not advise me of my Miranda rights! In this edition of Legal Ease I will explain when you are entitled to the Miranda warnings and why you should never face a police...

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Upon first getting arrested I was flooded with so much information through the mail and phone regarding who I should hire to defend me.
Katia, criminal defense client
Approximately 18 months ago I needed a lawyer to represent my son, during that period I suffered great lost and disappointment with three
Monica, car accident client

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